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How to Make a Succulent Frame

How to Make a Succulent Frame

The more we learn about and grow succulents, the more we love them. They’re compact and beautiful, with fleshy “fat leaves.” Those thick, engorged leaves come in beautiful paddles, tight rosettes, and a variety of other attractive, snaking swollen fronds. Succulents do well in arid areas and are tolerant of heat swings of the sort you might find in a desert (as long as it doesn’t freeze hard). It doesn’t take much to grow them as long as you remember a few succulent principles. Never over water; succulents carry their own. What do you think makes those fat leaves?

Give them the right growing medium. Soil can be too compact and will smother their roots. Cactus soil, with plenty of organic material works better. A combination of gravel, vermiculite, or perlite with some organic matter is ideal. Why? Succulent roots need plenty of space. That’s because the roots don’t drink water, they take it from the air. Gravel, like crushed granite, makes a good base ingredient because it doesn’t absorb water. If your planting medium provides lots of space between granules and a bit of organic matter to absorb and slowly release moisture, you’ll make your succulents happy.

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