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Winter Care for Houseplants

Winter Care for Houseplants

Like all plants, indoors and out — and especially like the outdoor plants we bring inside — our beloved houseplants need special care and consideration during the winter months. Treating them as we do during the warm, well-lit spring and summer months just won’t do.

While there are a number of indoor gardening practices that change or vary during the winter, the two most important have to do with light and humidity. Whether it’s philodendrons, ficus trees, asparagus ferns, prayer, spider, or snake plants — or any of the many, many others — a little knowledge goes a long way to not only allowing your indoor plants to survive but thrive during the winter months.

First thing to consider is that the conditions inside your home change as conditions outside change. The indoor winter environment is much dryer as furnaces and other heat sources take the moisture from the air. This leads some houseplant keepers to conclude that their plants need more watering. Not true. They actually need less watering. What they need is more humidity.

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